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The Garrison Community


The Garrison is a pilot program for RSL Queensland that aims to provide social opportunities and community for contemporary veterans. All veterans are welcome but so are their families and friends, so we say that Garrison is for all who have served and those that care about them.  Our activities are targeted towards people under 50 but we have people in their 70's all the way down to young children attending our various events.

Every week we run social nights where we provide dinner, people have a few drinks and just catch up and chat. We also run morning coffee sessions that usually involve a walk or other activity and are held in family-friendly locations.  These persistent events are getting up to 50 attendees each week, but they are also accompanied by fortnightly hikes/walks, a fortnightly breakfast club, monthly yoga sessions, movies, and shooting events.  Each month our team aims to bring a major and minor event as well. These range from camping or 4WD trips through to things like our American Whiskey and BBQ night, sailing, or our Veterans Christmas Day lunch and Australia Day party.

While these events might seem like the focus, they are secondary to our primary role of connecting veterans to each other and the communities they live in.  We are able to assist and guide the veterans that need help but really, we are giving them an opportunity to build their own support networks, networks that can enrich lives but also alert help if someone is struggling. We facilitate this by providing a positive and welcoming environment that is veteran-centric but not exclusively so. 

One thing we did not expect was the number of veterans that have been able to successfully transition to civilian employment but have not felt welcomed by other parts of the veteran community. They deserve to have their service recognised and a place for them to socialise with other veterans and they are a great example to those veterans that are having trouble reintegrating.  Just in our North Brisbane region, there are somewhere north of 36,000 current and ex-service personnel and RSL has largely been unable to reach those people for a variety of reasons.  We want to change that, challenge people's perception of what RSL is, and start to be the change needed for our community.

Where we Meet

Pine Rivers RSL Sub Branch Kallangur
1347 Anzac Avenue Kallangur QLD 4503

Every Wednesday night 18:00 to 20:30


Events & Activities


The Garrison holds regular weekly and monthly events. Some of our regular events include:

  • Each Wednesday night the Garrison Members meet at the Pine Rivers RSL Sub Branch in Kallangur
  • Friday mornings some of our members meet for Coffee, Cake and a walk around the lake at North Lakes
  • Fortnightly Sunday Breakfast Club
  • Monthly Yoga
  • Special events like Whiskey Tasting & BBQ, Movie nights, and Veterans Camping Retreats.

You can check up what is coming up via our Event Calendar  The Garrison Community | Event Calendar | See What's On!